About Us

Lesnes Abbey Conservation Volunteers (LACV) was started in 1994 & is kept going by the work of a team of dedicated volunteers. LACV works closely with Bexley Council (who provides the group with support) to protect and enhance the native wildlife & important wildlife habitats of Lesnes Abbey wood.

Lesnes Abbey Conservation Volunteers objectives include: 

To conserve & maintain for the public benefit Lesnes Abbey wood & it's local environment.

To advance public education in the principle & practice of nature conservation, & the archaeological & geological interest of Lesnes Abbey wood & it's environments.


LACV is a community group which is open to all ages & abilities, & works on a varied range of free practical environmental conservation tasks through out the year. The group's environmental conservation tasks include hedge laying, coppicing, fence repair, pond restoration, glade creation, tree planting & heath land conservation.

The group also does various wildlife surveys in order to monitor the local native wildlife, these have included surveys on butterflies, wildflowers, reptiles, mushrooms, bats & pond life.

The group encourages links with other community groups, schools & environmental conservation groups, in order to advance the public knowledge of environmental conservation, Lesnes Abbey Wood & it's wildlife. LACV has also organised environmental conservation events in Abbey Wood along side other community groups, environmental conservation groups & schools.

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