Heathland Management

The heath land is located at the southern end of the woodland, close to Woolwich Road, Upper Belvedere. Lowland heath land like this is a priority for nature conservation because it is a rare and threatened habitat. In England, only one sixth of the heath land present in 1800 now remains. It is a particularly rare habitat in Greater London.

Volunteers working on Heath land


Supporting Bexley Council to run a careful habitat management programme, LACV has managed to create a healthy environment in which the naturally found heather is now flourishing and spreading, and various species of reptiles and amphibians are now found here. LACV has established by a programme of careful and regular monitoring that a healthy population of slow worms and common lizards are present. Both of which are protected species.


LACV regluarly run heath land management tasks to removed invasive plant species and help encourage the heather to grow.

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