Reptile Hibernacula

The reptile hibernacula where created on the award winning heath land in Abbey Wood, which has been restored by LACV (working with Bexley Council) over the past 16 years.  The heath land is of great importannce as it is one of the few heath land habitats left in London. By surveying the area over the last few years with advice from Herpetological Conservation Trust (amphibian & reptile experts). LACV has established there is a healthy population of slow worms & common lizards present (both protected species).

By creating the reptile hibernacula (with advice from the Herpetological Conservation Trust ) on the heath land, LACV hopes to increase the resident reptile population, benefit other local native widlife (insects, wasps & solitary bees), promote nature conservation, plus provide work experience & training for people from the local community. The reptile hibernacula provides safe locations around the heath land for the reptiles to hibernate and also provides homes for other wildlife.

Below are photos of  volunteers at the different stages of making one of the reptile hibernacula, 5 in total were made on the day with 11 volunteers coming along to help out.






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