All LACV events are free to attend

The events start  behind the information centre near Lesnes Abbey at noon, finishing about 3:30pm.

All ages & abilities are welcome.

Sunday February 5th
Calamint Management

Removing brambles and anything that threatens to overwhelm the calamint colony.

Sunday February 19th
Rhododendron Control at Valley Path.

Sunday March 5th

Litter removal at Birch Hill Path and elsewhere.

Sunday March 19th 

Daffodil and amphibian survey.

Sunday April 2nd 
Removal of non-native daffodils at Abbey Bank.

Sunday April 16th 
Bluebell survey. A good excuse for a spring woodland walk.

Sunday April 30th - To be arranged.

Sunday May 14th 
First heathland task to help protect the heather. 

Sunday May 28th
First meadow task to help contol the more vigorous species such as creeping thistle. 

Sunday June 11th 
Second heathland task.

Sunday June 25th 

Sunday July 9th 
Second meadow task.

Sunday July 23rd 
Third heathland task. 

Sunday August 6th 
Third meadow task. 

Sunday August 20th 
Forth heathland task. The heather should be in full bloom so don't forget your cameras!!!

Sunday September 3rd 
Tools maintenance and audit. Plus hopefully a walk afterwards if there's time. 

Sunday September 17th 
Managing the area by Playground Path to help stop the decline of uncommon
woodland flowers such as townhall clock (Adoxa moschatellina).

Sunday October 1st 
Protecting the bluebells at Birch Hill Path. 

Sunday October 15th
Controlling the more vigorous species at Mossy Glade. 

Sunday October 29th 
Management of Fountain Pond, keeping it open for the frogs and newts in spring. 

Sunday November 12th 
Ramson Glade, helping to ensure the wild garlics can flourish. 

Sunday November 26th 
Bramble control by the hedgerow at New Road. 

Sunday December 10th 
Rhododendron control by Conduit Pond. 

Sunday December 24th 
Christmas Eve woodland walk.

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