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Lesnes Abbey Conservation Volunteers has been placed on the internet search engine everyclick which benefits charities. If you register with everyclick as a member and choose Lesnes Abbey Conservation Volunteers as your charity to support, every time you use the search engine LACV will gain a small amount of money. Click on the link below if you wish to go to everyclick search engine & help a charity just by using the internet.

LACV programme of free events
Our current programme of free activities is available to be put on our list to receive a copy please phone 02083103033.

Photos from nature and wildlife survey 2012
Walk around Lesnes Abbey Wood looking at Daffodils and Amphibians (frogs & toads)





Photos from Burch Hill Maintenance event 2011






Photos from Pond Maintenance events 2011





Photos from nature survey March 2011



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