The heathland is an important habitat, which there are very few left in Greater London. This important site  is located at the southern end of the woodland close to Woolwich Rd, Belvedere. The heathland is an important site  for a large range of native wildlife, including butterflies, birds, slow worms and possibly lizards. In the past the heath was managed by grazing or by burning.


Now each year LACV organising tasks to remove the invasive species, such as bracken & bramble. LACV works closely with Bexley Council in order to maintain and expand the heather. LACV has also done wildlife surveys on the heathland to establish the range of wildlife benefiting from the heathland & monitor how the work done by LACV is impacting on the biodiversity of the heathland.

There are mounds at one end of the heathland which are the remains of a 'tumulus', which is possibly the site of an ancient burial. 

Heathland in flower


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