Wildlife Ponds

Management of wildlife ponds


LACV regularly run tasks for the management & restoration of wild life ponds ( Conduit pond & Fountain pond) in Lesnes Abbey Wood. When LACV began restoring the wildlife ponds, Conduit pond had completely disappeared & Fountain pond had almost disappeared. The first job which was undertaken was digging out the ponds and restoring the water channels which feed the ponds.

Now each year LACV maintain the ponds by removing slit from the water channels and ponds. About a third of each pond is cleared each year of invasive plants. By removing the plants in only a third of each pond, the wildlife in the other two thirds is protected. All the material removed from the ponds is placed near by, so any creatures removed by mistake can return to the pond.

The ponds are the only natural water supply for many woodland creatures, and also provide a home for large amount of pond life including palmate newts. All the work is done by volunteers from the local community, who are educated in the importance of the wildlife ponds, & were shown how to maintain the wildlife ponds.

Fountain Pond                                                           Conduit Pond


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